Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sugar Level

Saw this in my email, and thought very interesting to share it with my readers here.
I tried looking for the site it was originated from, but can't find it, so i decided to upload the pics here for your viewing pleasure.

Before that, read this article - a must read - 76 Ways Sugar Can Ruin Your Health? and How Does Sugar Affect Health plus many more references.

Ok, here it goes..

tell me if these doesn't scares you?

my take? drop the liquid sugar, no table sugar (sucrose)  should be added to your drinks. The sugar in the fruits (fructose) is padded with fiber, that wouldn't spike the insulin level as high (so it's okay - but still practice in moderation). Sugar in our body (glucose) should come from it's natural form - from the carbohydrates that we eat, not from the added sugars to our food/drinks.
Controlling your sugar intake, ensuring your insulin level doesn't spike,  allows you to control your hunger better.. 

to your good health,

Sher Khan

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