Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Dark Side of Soy...

Something that I wanted to share with you guys with regards to Soy (or Soya in malay language).

I've always think soy (beans and drinks) is an essential and good source of protein into my diet. Since the early days of my journey, I consumed a LOT of soy. I used to buy the low-sugar soymilk varieties, and consume tempeh/tofu quite often as my alternative source of protein (besides chicken/fish). I've also progress even further by getting my own organic soy beans and grind myself to create my own ultimate protein drink (I tend to not going into the whey protein powder route). It somehow became my essential healthy food and drink (I even made some snack of dry roasted soy beans) for a while.

I was shocked the day I read some not-so-good articles saying Soy is actually bad for us (some time late last year I think), but I didn't believe it. Infact, I've ignored it!!

Few months past-by, and although the industry still market soy as the health food, I keep seeing published articles (either online or offline) on the negative effect of soy to our bodies. More and more articles now has scientific proof that SOY IS ACTUALLY BAD FOR US!!!

Shocked? well, we've been fooled by the billion dollars soy industry. I'm not a scientist or a doctor, and have no authority to comment. However, the least I can do is to point you some of the MUST READ articles....

YES.. please avoid soy... or at least, take it in moderation (as in with other foods/drinks as well). Me? I've embraced it. Although I've not completely remove soy from my diet, I don't see soy as a health food anymore.. that includes soy products (like tempeh, tofu, tau-foo-fah, soymilk, etc) as much as I can.

Now, what do you think? any experiences to share?

to your good health,
Sher Khan.


  1. In short, key word is "Large amount"...

    As long as not in "in high enough quantities" and not the GMO version of soy shall be fine. (Mind you that soy and corn can be ingredient of oil)...

    "Soy can even increase belly fat!" ?? Ridiculous truth. ;) if you eat big amount of full grain wheat (or anything) that also increase your whole body fat not just the belly :)

    Some statements in the article seem like ads to me... "be given cow's-milk formulas as the first preferred alternative." !? Believe it or not... till you see the documentary of "Food Inc" ... Cow's milk is the worse in all alternatives (I meant the milk from those cows growth scientifically but not naturally)

  2. good stuff Lim.. on the cow's milk.. i think they meant grass-fed cattles and not from the feedlot.. gives you high level of CLA, quality protein, and good saturated fat. ;)



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