Saturday, November 14, 2009

You can never out-train a bad diet..

Many times I when I am at the table having meals within budding friends or family - they typically commented on the things I eat (if strangers - they'd have that stares). They're commenting because normally they're concern of my well-being (thanks guys!). They said I'm restricting myself too much, and it's ok to eat more of the not-so-healthy-stuff once in a while... and later go and exercise to burn those calories!

Guys.. It's ok.. no worries. I'm not missing anything... I'm still pursuing my quest, and I need to constantly reminding myself towards it. I did mention before that we can never out-train a bad diet. Out of my personal experiences, if I'm going so easy on my diet (still within limits, but larger portions), and still rigorously training myself - I'm not going anywhere.. infact, I'm going the opposite way. I've proof that before.

There's people asking me.. "what if i maintain my healthy diet all the time, but not doing exercise as much, or trying to avoid it? it seems to work for me".

Well, when you don’t exercise, you place the entire burden of weight loss on your diet. If you become more active, you can eat more of the things you like -- and still lose weight. The key is finding an exercise you enjoy. If the treadmill seems tedious, try swimming, biking, or badminton, all of which burn more calories than walking. Spend time at different activities until you find one you want to do on most days. Yup - consistency is crucial.. you'll burn the calories throughout the week, not just on weekend (see my weekend warrior :) post).

So, anyway.. today is saturday. Yup, it's a weekend. If you've not exercise as much this whole week, nothing beat of doing something to move your body!... go out and have fun!

let's stay healthy.
Sher Khan.

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