Saturday, January 9, 2010

Make your own 'Biggest Loser' by being *accountable* to yourself..

Watched a re-run of the most recent episode of The Biggest Loser Asia last night on Hallmark channel. Last nite show, Garry, the only caucasian, being kicked out.

It is interesting to watch fellow comrades (well, I used to be like them.. more like Tony I think) trying to lose the fat back then.. so trust me.. I can really take to heart what's running in their head!.. been there.. done that.

Infact worst.. I was without a trainer.. without anyone guiding/push you or motivate you.. in the show they're together supporting each other and always have the trainer to kick your posterior. Me? I was all alone (at least in the beginning)... How people make fun of the goal that I've back then. Every time I'm at the dinner table (or lunch, or breakfast), I have always have to face other people (even family) comments... some are good, but most of the times... not nice... but that doesn't stop me. Infact, I like it... the more 'the-not-so-nice' comments fired me - the more I'm determined to proof them wrong!

One thing if you've noticed - in my early days of the journey, I broadcasted my intention to friends and family.. I emailed my progress to my colleagues at work, friends, and family members. See my previous post on that.

Do you know why?

I want to make myself accountable. I learnt it somewhere (forgot where hv I picked up) - they termed it as the 'Declaration of Excellence' or DOE for short. In DOE, you have to list your goals, and you need to have your detail plans - and you need to tell people of your goal. Broadcast it to your circle of friends and family.

With DOE - I am accountable with my own actions. If I'm slipping - hopefully the people would remind me. People at the dinner table did exactly that - they know my intention, and they gave me the much needed feedback. I've to respond to it - and later, I did more, by sharing my progress report to them. The more they see you're 'for real', those negative comments slowly converting to a more positive and encouraging ones. See the old post.

When people started to forward my emails to their friends, a lot more queries came in, and I've had more than a handful to respond to them, and no time as well.. that at the end, I decided to have this blog. Rambling all I can.. sharing some knowledge, as well as sharing my progress, or what I'm up to.

I tell you.. with DOE, and people around me supporting you.. gives you the strength.. the motivation to push yourself even more... better than the participant of the Biggest Loser (you've your friends and family - much more than bunch of strangers).... and definitely... it's much much much much better than sitting on the couch.. watching The Biggest Loser...

Ask yourself.. WHAT DO YOU WANT???

btw, an old buddy of mine took this pic recently, and he matched it with our old pic.. cool :)

the 2001 pic - I'm still single.
the 2009 pic - got 3 kids! how time flies.

now 2010!!!!

Stay healthy always..
Sher Khan.

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  1. Well said.. It's all about whether you want to do it or not.. :-D



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